Saturday, January 10, 2009

Membership Drive: Persatuan Penduduk Riverdale Park

The Riverdale Park Residents Association is officially registered and residents are invited to be members of "Persatuan Penduduk Riverdale Park".

Click on this link, to download the membership application form, fill it up and submit the form through any of the committee members and block leaders.

Please read through the Persatuan Penduduk Riverdale Park Constitution available for download here. As residents of high rise apartments buildings, we should be familiar with the rules and regulations. Below are links to the regulations

Friday, November 16, 2007

First Committee Meeting


Next meeting for ExCo members only will be on Sunday 18th November 2007 1t 11am at Hillside Corner Restaurant

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Concensus to Apply for Certificate of Fitness

Referring to the earlier posting, attached here a link to a "Sample Letter" to authorise the Protem Committee to act on behalf of the residents of Riverdale Park Apartments.
1. Obtain majority (20%) consensus from owners for the committee
to send in the application for CF and later on for the formation of
the JMC (Joint Management Corporation) with MPAJ.
Complete this letter , print and send it to your Block Leaders or to Dato' Ariff (F13), Janet (A26) or Saadah (G02).

Download the Word Document HERE.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Minutes of Meeting - November 11, 2007

Minutes of meeting of Riverdale Park Apts Unit Owners

At Hillside Corner Restaurant, Bukit Antarabangsa

Date: November 11, 2007

Attendance List:

  1. JanetLoh-A26,
  2. Shirin-F30,
  3. Mohd Nasir-F30,
  4. LucieLong-B08,
  5. Dato MohdAriff-F13,
  6. Ernest Phung-F23,
  7. Khairul Samad Hasan-G49,
  8. Sa’adah Salleh-G02,
  9. Dr Ahmad Sauffi-G01,
  10. Ayob B Said/Maslina-A02,
  11. Leong/Fong-H16,
  12. Lee Chan Chong-A19,
  13. Ida Bt Nik Ahmad-B53,
  14. Saharabana Ahmad/Rossilawati-C28,
  15. Ahamd Buhairi-C41,
  16. Lee-B18,
  17. Mohd Nazley-G31,
  18. Mohd Khalid-F6,
  19. Hadis Ishak/Noor Hasimah-G15,
  20. Tan Boon Diam-C16,
  21. Kartina-B36, Feidzal-B24,
  22. Suhaila Shamsuddin-E22,
  23. Sunny Tan-B43,
  24. Helen Peters-G40,
  25. David Yong-E7,
  26. Zakaria Lee Abdullah-C30

Minutes of Meeting prepared by Jane(A27) & Janet(A26)

Meeting convened at 11.20am chaired by Dato’ Mohd Ariff

Agenda 1 - Minutes of meeting with MPAJ on 4th October 2007

  1. Sa’adah informs that letter regarding Certificate of Fitness already prepared and now pending our ExCo being registered.

  2. Letter also prepared regarding our assessment review. Dato’ reminds that we need 20% majority consensus from owners in this connection

  3. Pertaining to future Management Committee, Sa’adah brief on possibility of JV with MPAJ. We also have option to consider private professional companies for budget comparison.

Agenda 2 - Registration of PPRP

  1. Constitution-Majority agrees that the elected ExCo members to decide on this.
  2. Sa’adah adds that owner/residents and tenants should be members.
  3. Fee quantum to be decided.
  4. Ms Tan-C16 queries whether tenant- members are appropriate since they have no vested interest in the property. Sa’adah explained that membership fees and maintenance expenditure are two different matters. Extent of tenants’ responsibility is between owner/tenant and the ExCo is not involved.
  5. Election of ExCo office bearers

Proposer Seconder
Chairman: Dato’Mohd Ariff-F13 Mohd Nasir-F30 Dr.Admad Saufi-G01
V-Chairman: David Yong-E7 Mohd Nasir-F30 Dr.Admad Saufi-G01
Secretary: Saadah Salled-G02 Mohd Nasir-F30 Dr.Admad Saufi-G01
Asst.Secretary: Janet Loh-A26 Mohd Nasir-F30 Dr.Admad Saufi-G01
Treasurer: Jane Tham-A27 Mohd Nasir-F30 Dr.Admad Saufi-G01
Committee Members:

Block A
Lee Chan Chong-A19 Rossilawati-C28 Zakaria-C30
Block B
Lee Eng Fat –B35 Feidzal-B24 LucyLong-B08
Block C
Zakaria Lee Abullah-C30 Saharabana-C28 Rossilawati-C28
Block D
Elaine Lim-D08 Rossilawati-C28 Zakaria-C30
Block E
Suhaila Shamsuddin-E22 Maj Md Khalid-F6 Zakaria-C30
Block F
Ernest Phung-F23 Shirin-F30 Maj Md Khalid-F6
Block G
Mohd NazleyFadhley-G31 HelenPeters-G40 DrAhmadSaufi-G01
Block J
Azrin-J50 JanetLoh-A26 Saadah-G02
Block K
Leong Chee Hoong-K16 Ong Hee Kit-K35 MohdNazley-G31

** 3 more members appointed by Chairman

** 2 internal auditors to be elected

Agenda 3 - Any other business

  1. Janet-A26 request all block reps to kindly send updated residence list to secretary with indication owner/tenant
  2. Next meeting for ExCo members only will be on Sunday 18th November 2007 1t 11am at Hillside Corner Restaurant
  3. Meeting adjourned at 12.30pm with note of thanks to David Yong for providing meeting venue.


1) Ernest Phung-Kindly forward a copy to Chairman who has no email add

2) All Block office bearers kindly make copies for your respective neighbours listed above who attended meeting.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Notice From the Protem Committee


Dear All,

As I hope you all know, it was agreed at a committee meeting that Dato' Ariff, Janet and me are to represent Riverdale at a meeting with representatives from MPAJ on 4 October 2007. Our State Rep. YB Azman Wahid was gracious enough to attend even though the meeting was postponed from 2 Oct to 4 Oct.

His presence in many ways help to ease the way for MPAJ and the three of us to find a comfortable solution. The attached report from the meeting is appended herewith for your attention and action. Please print and ask them to drop me an email with a request.

As stated in the report, it is imperative that we proceed with haste to:

1. Obtain majority (20%) consensus from owners for the committee to send in the application for CF and later on for the formation of the JMC (Joint Management Corporation) with MPAJ.

2. Register our protem committee into a full fledge Owners / Residents Association. Attached is a draft of the Association Resolution for you to go through. We will have to table it in the next meeting, which I hope we can hold within the next two weeks. We also need to pass a resolution for the election of office bearers (each block must have a rep).

3. Make a written application for CF to the MPAJ.

4. Make a formal request to YB Azman Wahid to endorse our application to MPAJ to reduce our assessment rate.

Kindly note that the CF will be given on building basis and not to the overall project (as was practiced previously.) Block A owners; please brace yourself because many owners have change the facade of their units, which is not allowed for apartment buildings unless permissions are granted. You guys might have some obstacle. The Selangor Housing & Real Estate Board stipulates this under the regulation for apartments and high-rise residential buildings.


1) Please ensure that there is no water retention in your apartment units or around the block compound so as to avoid mosquito breeding and thus avoid the denggue epidemic.
2) Work towards creating cooperative and friendly culture with your neighbours to ensure the safety of your property or any deception & fraud by any unknown parties.
3) Residents are not to tamper with electricity or water meters.
4) Residents are not allowed to add or renovate without the expressed permission from the developer or the Local Authroity.
5) Do not turn the electricity meter room into a storage area.

Your cooperation will only benefit yourself; therefore we would appreciate if you would response to our requests for action as soon as possible.

Get a copy of the letter below by sending an email to if you want a copy of this text.

Thank you and regards,